James Yelland.

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Website Name : LA GOLD RECORDS

Designed by: JAMES YELLAND - at McMaster University

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LA GOLD RECORDS started off as a final project for my Website Enterpernualishp class at McMaster University and evolved from there. It received funding from an investor September 2016 for a re-design and launch to several countries including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Countries in Europe and Asia.

The concept and development has changed a few times since then, as well as collaborating other members of the team. As the website grew in popularity and daily visitors the team expanded.

I am the Senior Web Designer and Developer on the team, as well as managing the staff and other duties.

One great milestone was over 30,000 visitors from all over the world visited the site in September 2016 alone. Right after our Launch with investors backing.

My Role in this Project

  • Position: Senior Designer & Developer
  • Involvemnet: Signifigant
  • Investors: LA GOLD RECORDS
  • Revised: 2016 September
  • Total Visitors in One Month : +30,000
  • Website Evaluation : $5,570,000.00
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