James Yelland.

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Website Name : www.hankstoneproductions.com

Designed by: JAMES YELLAND for Web Starter Plus

Client: Web Starter Plus:

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Hank Stone Productions

Website and Content

HSP is a diverse and exciting company with many projects that need to be completed to a high professional standard. Projects were completed for HSP and other companies that work for or with HSP in different aspects of the contracts.

Often working on projects for overseas and international launch, a large obstacle is a research involved in making sure the marketing of the project will meet the target market.

With tight deadlines and often little to zero material to work from, projects often rely on custom creation of content including video, audio, and digital images.

Working with a team, I have been the team leader on many projects to ensure they are properly and successfully completed.

In both 2010 and 2011 I ran a very successful campaign in Scotland for the Edinburgh comedy festival. Including posters, landing pages, magazine articles and handbills.

  • Video For the Web
  • Web Design
  • Posters/Print
  • Video Editing
  • Photoshop
  • Fcpx

My Role in this Project

  • Position: Senior Designer & Developer
  • Involvemnet: Design/Development/Editing
  • Client: HSP
  • Projects for Cleint 203
  • Project Type Contract
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