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Website Name : Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell

Designed by: JAMES YELLAND

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Website and Content Creation

Hypnotist Robert Maxwell

Designed By : James Yelland

A unique client with a unique product needs a custom designed and developed web solutions. More than just a website, a custom tool to achieve the business solution and goals of the company.

Roberts business is just that, unique. His show set's him apart from others in his field, and his personality and star power is what makes this client top in the industry. Creating a custom website that effectively communicates this concept to both customers, fans and the general public is a challenge.

For this site, stock images, and cheesy templates would not be effective. I used a series of techniques and measurements to find the best solution both for the client, and a measurable baseline to work from.

After a re-design and overhaul of his website, content and other aspects, I was able to increase the client's total net income by 33% within the second quarter.

My Role in this Project

  • Position: Senior Designer & Developer
  • Custom Content Director/Editor

  • Client: The Magically Hip
  • Lanch Date: 2015 September
  • Client Satisfaction: A+
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