James Yelland.

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Website Name : River Walk

Designed by: JAMES YELLAND - at McMaster University

Intro to Web Graphics - Spring Semester

McMaster University Class Project

Introduction to Web Graphics

This course had a focus on creating web designs that would be responsive as well as modern professional-grade websites. Using professional software to achieve these objectives such as Adobe Photoshop.

Course Description In this course, students will be introduced to the various types of graphics on the web and how they are produced to create professional grade web sites. The students will develop a strong foundation in Adobe Photoshop CS6 skills. The course begins with a thorough overview of the main Photoshop tools and progresses to challenge the student’s creative skills, by designing web elements such as headers, navigation bars, backgrounds, icons and web site prototypes. Students will explore the different types of web graphics and learn how to prepare optimized files for the web. Group critiques are a regular part of class and help students learn the design skills necessary for producing professional web graphics. Course Objectives At the end of this course, students will have been exposed to and demonstrated the ability to:  Prepare files for the web with the appropriate colour mode and resolution  Utilize the tools of Adobe Photoshop CS6 to design customized elements of web sites (Headers, Navigation Bars, Backgrounds, Icons).  Design web site prototypes  Understand the roles of graphics on the Internet and their impact on their viewers  Optimize Photoshop files for exporting to a web based format.

My Role in this Project

  • Position: Designer
  • Involvemnet: Individual
  • Client: McMaster University Class Project
  • Revised: Spring Semester 2014
  • Total Visitors in One Month : N/A
  • Tools Used : Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Website Evaluation : N/A
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