James Yelland.

- Web Design and Development Portfolio -

Project Name : Animation for the Web

Designed by: JAMES YELLAND - at McMaster University

Project Purpose: Animation for the Web / Flash to HTML5

Animation for the Web - Flash/HTML5

McMaster University

Flash is dead. There I said it. Don't believe me? Here is the article Click Here to Open in new Window Anyway, enough about that. Learning flash is important for the web. It teaches about the concepts of animations and a good foundation to build on.

You can see the project above works unless your on a modern browser that does not support flash.

My Role in this Project

  • Position: Design/Animation
  • Involvemnet: Independent
  • Client: Class Project
  • University: McMaster
  • Final Grade: A+
  • Softweare Adobe Flash
  • Format : Flash/HTML5
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