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Website Name : Web Starter Plus

Designed by: JAMES YELLAND

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Web Starter Plus

Designed for small business and artists looking for an affordable website design company. Appealing to lowest bidder website clients, offering price competitive websites with added value all in one package, easy payment methods.and fast turn around time.

Building sites on a quantity focus, and projects were mostly developed from a mixture of custom content and edited templates

Serving mostly front end development such as brochure type websites with little backend development.

Most sites relied on Adobe Photoshop and Video Editing to create the look, style, and feel of the sites.

The majority of websites or projects worked on were within a short timeframe and had a limited lifetime. Landing Pages and smaller campaigns were run through this company for other third party markets.

Great response from clients as the skill level delivered was much higher than that they could do on their own or using third party designers of a similar price.

My Role in this Project

  • Position: Web Designer & Content Editing
  • Involvemnet: Contract
  • Client: Web Starter Plus
  • Launch Date: 2014 August
  • Total Projects Completed : 48
  • Tools Used
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Final Cut X
    • Logic Pro X
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Bootstrap
  • Website Evaluation : $3,942
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